New Public Chain Sui, Aptos and Linera: ‘The Heirs’ of Diem being bet by Top VCs


Diem and Move

Diem is a blockchain-based licensed stable coin payment system As a crypto project launched by social giant Meta, Diem has attracted attention since its debut.

The Programming language — — Move

Move is a rust-based programming language originally developed by Facebook for the Diem blockchain. Currently, Move’s Github code base is mainly managed by Mysten Labs. Aptos and Sui team members are also the core development team of Move.Move wants to be the Javascript of Web3, enabling more developers to quickly build blockchain products.


Sui, Aptos, and Linera: Who will be the first dark horses in L1?

While promising not to use any Diem IP owned by Silvergate in building the blockchain, comparing Diem’s white paper, you will find that the three public chain projects, Sui, Aptos and Linera, inherit some aspects of the development language or technical logic.

1. Sui/Mysten Labs

Sui’s development team came from Mysten Labs, the founding team includes Evan Cheng, Adeniyi Abiodun, Sam Blackshear, George Danezis, and Kostas Kryptos, all of whom worked on Novi and Diem projects at Meta. Among them, CEO Evan Cheng served as Director of Engineering and Technology for the development of the Meta blockchain from 2018 until September of this year.

The network economic model of Sui

2. Aptos

Aptos is the fastest growing public chain of the three in terms of development progress and the start of the ecosystem. Technically, Aptos also uses the Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus protocol and the Move programming language to build a more scalable blockchain.

Source: Aptos Blog

3. Linera

Linera is the latest to get off the ground compared to the other two projects and is still in the early stages of development. Its goal is to create a low-latency blockchain that can scale as easily as Web2 applications, enabling most account-based operations to be confirmed in a fraction of a second.



Although Diem, the former king of the world, has come to an end, several key members of the Diem team have joined Chainlink, Mina and other relatively mature crypto projects, and three dark horse projects, Sui, Aptos and Linera, have been born.



A well-known crypto media plantform in China

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A well-known crypto media plantform in China