GuildFi, Umee and other projects public fundraising; Gitcoin starts a new round of donations | Highlights in this week


Author: Irfan, ChainCatcher

BSC is expected to carry out the Bruno V1.1.5 hard fork upgrade, introducing BNB’s combustion process.

On November 29th, Portal Finance, a decentralized transaction protocol based on Fabric technology, will start its tokens trading through Republic. The project has received institutional investment from Coinbase Ventures, ArringtonXRP Capital and other institutions.

On November 29th, Sandbox Alpha, the metaverse play-to-earn game, will be launched at 21:00 (UTC+8), giving players the opportunity to explore the sandbox metaverse for the first time through 18 experiences created by the Sandbox team.

On November 30th, Bancor, the decentralized AMM protocol, will announce its V3 new features and functions at 9:30 am (UTC+8), with significant optimizations in terms of impermanent losses, the official said.

On November 30th, BSC is expected to carry out Bruno V1.1.5 hard fork upgrade. Introducing the real-time combustion mechanism into the economic model of BSC aims to introduce a new combustion process of BNB and increase the synchronization speed of all nodes by more than 60%.

On December 1st, the P2E project HumanDAO will conduct the token trading activities without a private placement. 5% of the total issued tokens will be used for this sale, 40% will be distributed to the founding team, consultants, builders, and vaults, and the other 55% will be allocated to the community during 10 years.

On December 1st, the Web3 game community GuildFi will launch IDO on the Copper platform. The project has received investment from institutions such as DeFiance Capital and Hashed.

On December 1st, the privacy coin project Horizen will launch its mainnet, which will promote the development of the project in four stages.

On December 1st, Gitcoin, the open-source software funding platform, will launch its 12th round of donations at 19:00 (UTC+8), which will run until 16 December.

On December 1st, Biconomy will conduct a public offering on Huobi Global. Biconomy is a multi-chain transaction infrastructure that makes Web 3.0 frictionless and mainstream. It helps users eliminate blockchain problems through functions such as gas-free transactions, instant cross-chain transfers, and flexible gas payment options.

On December 1st, CoinList announced a public offering of Umee tokens for the cross-chain DeFi hub, a decentralized infrastructure for cross-chain interaction that connects users to create lending positions, transfer funds across chains, and discover new revenue opportunities.

On December 2nd, Aavegotchi will conduct a second round of the Gotchiverse land auction, with 7,000 plots going up for auction.



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