Bloktopia attracts Kucoin, Cointelegraph and other projects as the metaverse ecosystem is further consolidated

Author: Buer, ChainCatcher

The metaverse is rapidly being embraced and practiced by more and more crypto players.

Bloktopia, a metaverse project that has received a lot of attention recently, announced today that it has partnered with Cointelegraph, Kucoin and other companies. These companies will work together with Bloktopia to build its metaverse ecosystem.

KuCoin announced that it will create a virtual office within the metaverse platform Bloktopia, called the “KuCoin Meta Office”, and will have meetings, etc. within the office. Users will be able to decorate the office in a cyberpunk style, interact with the virtual furniture and, of course, chat in the virtual office.

Meanwhile, Cointelegraph tweeted that it’s working with Bloktopia to create the Cointelegraph Virtual Store. The tweet also showed a well-designed video inviting users to visit the store.

In addition to the aforementioned projects, a month ago, other projects such as Coinmarketcap, Avax, Elrond and Travala announced that they joined the Bloktopia metaverse ecosystem with plans to set up virtual offices or virtual headquarters. It attracted a lot of attentions and users to the project.

All these actions reflect that the metaverse is becoming more embraced by most players in the crypto industry, with some of the industry magnates already trying to put some of their work and life scenarios into the metaverse, and Bloktopia has become one of the leading players in the track with its good user experience.

Bloktopia is a VR skyscraper built and powered by the Polygon blockchain, where users can experience immersive content, such as communicating, buying and selling properties, and earning advertising revenue on different floors. Bloktopia has a total of 21 different levels to commemorate the total supply of 21 million Bitcoins.

In the Bloktopia metaverse, users are known as Blocktopians, who can be holders of the project’s native token, BLOK, or community participants. The total supply of BLOKs is 200 billion, with an initial circulating supply of 2 billion and an initial market cap of $500,000. The more BLOKs users hold, the more exclusive privileges they will receive.

Bloktopia hopes to create an ultimate virtual reality hub and ‘crypto home’, focusing users in an immersive and engaging environment — for the first time ever. Users can access encrypted information and immersive content in one place, and access different layers of blockchain educational resources, virtual offices, games, and anything else imagined through virtual reality experiences.

Previously, Bloktopia announced the completion of a $4.2 million private funding round led by crypto game developer Animoca Brands, with participation from Anti Fund, Polygon, Bitboy, Wendy-O, X21, GenBlock, AU21, Avalanche, Shima Capital, TKX Capital, Kucoin Labs and others.



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